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Coat Of Arms

 The infant began to take the milk food supplement he had developed, and a life was saved. The product, called Farine Lactée Nestlé, was soon marketed throughout much of Europe, and a new brand name began to take on life. [pic] The Nestlé Coat-of-Arms. The Nestlé Coat-of-Arms Henri Nestlé adopted his own coat of arms as a trademark in 1867. This is true because montresor’s coat of arms which is the snake biting the foot that is crushing it. This represents montresor getting revenge on fortunato for his supposed insult. When they both walked through the catacombs , montresor describes his coat of arms in a descriptive way. The other literary device that is used in this short story is, mood. Two teens in black leather coats waited with their vehicles near the west entrance of Columbine High School. The teens, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold , headed toward the school . Armed with four guns, several knives and dozens of home-made explosives, they launched their assault, injuring several stu